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What is a Fishing Charter?

June 25th, 2018

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Picante Sportfishing | Share A Fishing CharterDo you like fishing and want to up the wow factor from shore fishing or fishing with a small boat? If you’d love to fish out on a boat and you don’t own your own, a fishing charter could take your fishing experience up a few notches. While shoreline, dock fishing, and canoe or kayak fishing is always fun, nothing beats being out on the water on an equipped and staffed boat with your fishing rod in hand.



What is a Fishing Charter?


Fishing charter company’s offerings vary, with the premise being that a team takes fishermen out on a boat that’s equipped to offer a great fishing experience. Looking closely at individual fishing charter companies and what they offer will help you learn more about what is and what is not included, how much you’ll spend on the charter, incidental charges, and so forth.

Leveraging a fishing charter service will help you make the most of your day out on the water by taking care of operating the boat, using equipment, such as fish finders, providing equipment, aiding with cleaning and packaging of your catches, providing photography services to help you capture your experience on film while you get to live in the moment, and so forth.

Experience, knowing the best places to fish, providing rental equipment, and other value-added services can make for a fun and stress-free day, particularly if you’re doing a group outing with your father, your sons, or your fishing buddies. Whether you’re a newbie or you’re an experienced fisherman, a fishing charter offers much more of a fishing experience than a simple fishing boat rental can provide.


What about Fishing Charter Costs?


Fishing charter costs vary significantly, depending on the location of the fishing charter, the size of your party, the type of boat, how long you plan to spend on the water, whether you want to rent fishing equipment or bring your own, etc.

Choosing the Best Fishing Charter Location and Package
Charter Fishing Trips for Corporate Outings, Parties & Events


Only you can decide which location will offer the best fishing experience. The size of your party, the time of year, and your fishing goals are all going to be part of the decision-making process.  A bit of research can go a long way in finding the right charter and location to meet your expectations.



Charter Sharing: A Great Way to Save on Fishing Charter Costs




Instead of going with the cheapest fishing charter you can find, and instead of overspending by having a very small group rent a large boat, you might consider sharing a fishing charter so that you can benefit from larger boats with more value-added services.

The more people involved, the better the pricing you can get without sacrificing on boat size, services, etc.  By sharing a fishing charter with other anglers, you’ll save money without renting a smaller boat or having less of an experience. The bigger the group, the better the potential for a large boat with comforts and amenities.  Charter sharing services are increasing in popularity due to the ability to bid on the ability to join a group so that everyone saves money.

Whether you’re interested in ocean fishing in Miami or elsewhere in South Florida, and regardless of what sort of fish you’re hoping to catch, fishing charters are a great way to have a fun, exhilarating, rewarding, fishing experience.

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