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Best Fishing Locations in Florida

August 7th, 2018

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Best Fishing Locations in Florida



Florida has some of the best fishing spots on the planet with over 8K miles of shoreline between freshwater and saltwater spots. When it comes to getting out and enjoying it, there are endless options for fishing charters who can help you make the most of this fisherman’s dream destination.

With so many lakes, inlets, and a vast amount of ocean and gulf coastline to choose from, you’ve got bridges, piers, beaches, jetties, reefs, swamps, and hundreds of saltwater fish species to attempt to catch.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler, are new (or a novice) to fishing, you are looking for fishing tournaments, or if you are planning a day with some friends or family to get out and see who can catch the biggest fish, Florida fishing guides are a great asset to helping you not only find the best Florida fishing spots but also to make the most of the conditions for optimum chances of a great day out on the water.



When you’re planning to book a fishing trip, what’s the goal for you?

For almost everyone, the primary goal of a fishing trip is to have a day where you’ll achieve a trophy catch. You want to catch a lot of fish, to catch the biggest fish you’ve ever caught — to out-catch your own personal record. It’s always a great day when it’s spent fishing, but we all want bragging rights at the end of the day, don’t we?

Anglers young and old want to be able to not only tell a story of huge trophy catches that will make their fishing-loving friends’ eyes turn green with envy; they also want the evidence to back up their claims. Photos, a mounted fish, a whole lot of fish packed to take home for dinner, etcetera. Bragging rights are all the sweeter when you’ve got the proof that it’s not just a fishing tale you’re telling.

Maybe you’ve got specific goals, such as a certain type of species. Or, perhaps you want to make the day special for someone else, such as bringing your father or your son fishing.

Having goals in mind for deep sea fishing can help you plan more effectively.  Then again, perhaps you don’t care what you catch, as long as there’s an impressive amount of it!


Finding the Best Florida Deep Sea Fishing Spots



When it comes to deep sea fishing, the best fishing locations in Florida is a topic that seasoned anglers love to debate.   By getting an idea of some of the best fishing spots in Florida, you can plan a great day out on the water. Just be prepared, if engaging in this conversation with more than one Florida native, to hear opposing views.

Then again, a good chunk of fisherman won’t ever tell you about their truly favorite spot. That honey hole is going to be kept as a closely guarded secret.


Find the Best Fishing in Florida – Things to Consider


Top 10 Saltwater Fish By Fight | Saltwater Fishing

Finding the best fishing in Florida isn’t just about the location. It’s also about the boat, the bait, time of year, the day, and sometimes it all comes down to beginner’s luck. Some research will maximize your chances of a great day on the water, whether you’ve got your own boat or are doing a fishing charter. The right equipment, a good spot, and perseverance are all contributing factors to success. It’s also important to be knowledgeable about legalities. If you aren’t hiring a fishing guide, you’ll want to ensure you get familiar with all the rules and regulations around what can and cannot be kept versus catch and release.

Hiring a charter with a fishing guide will help you maximize your day out deep sea fishing. Fishing charters provide professionals who work hard to help new as well as seasoned anglers achieve their goal of a memorable fishing trip through on-board tools and equipment, local expertise, and assistance in helping you haul your monster catches into the boat and then keep it fresh for you with ice chests or aerated live wells. Many will offer fish-cleaning stations and/or services right on board, too.  

Below are some of the best fishing in Florida locations to consider whether you have your own fishing boat or are considering hiring a fishing charter.

If you’re hiring a fishing charter, there are some fantastic locations listed below and you can find charters that offer a variety of options with varying boat sizes, crew sizes, and amenities aboard that charter at varying price points.


Tip: Share a Fishing Charter

You can even share a fishing charter, getting an opportunity to share costs, which can allow smaller groups or even individuals to get on a bigger boat or to have a longer day out on the water as charters usually charge by the hour with higher costs for smaller groups. Sharing a fishing charter means you simply book your spot, share the boat with others, and pay lower costs.

Whether you’re set on a great Florida fishing location you’ve already picked or you’re still scouting to make a choice for your ideal deep sea fishing trip, once you know where you’re going, you can browse available charters to help you plan out your day accordingly.

Be sure to take advantage of the knowledge offered by fishing guides, who can not only help with handling the boat, the bait, cleaning the fish, and making sure you’re comfortable, but who will also help you target desired species, if you have a preference.


Charter Fishing in Florida Keys:


When it comes to the upper, middle, and lower Florida Keys, this beautiful area has a lot of protected zones, as part of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, which is an important part of protecting abundance and species that may be at risk of being a threatened species.

When you do charter fishing in the Florida Keys, you have several great locations to choose from, including Marathon, Big Pine Key, Islamorada, Little Torch Key, Key Largo, and Key West, which boast people catching a wide variety of fish.

Fish in the area are abundant, including:

  • Blue Marlin,
  • Barracuda,
  • King Mackerel,
  • Amberjack,
  • Swordfish,
  • Tarpon,
  • Mahi,
  • Sailfish,
  • And Wahoo.

There have been some major catches in the area of giant Blue Fin Tuna, and huge Swordfish, for example.

Those who are interested in Wahoo, for instance, can catch them year-round, where Grouper have a season of January to May. There are parts of the year, such as October to February, where Tarpon isn’t an option. Fishing guides provide education based on their in-depth knowledge of fishing rules and regulations for the Florida Keys.


Fishing in the Florida Panhandle:


Florida Panhandle fishermen have a variety of favorite spots on the Emerald Coast, such as Panama City, Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, and Apalachicola, to name a few.  Whether you’ve got your heart set on:

  • Amberjack,
  • Grouper,
  • King Mackerel,
  • Red Snapper,
  • Mahi,
  • or Triggerfish,

you’ll be in for an enjoyable trip in this upper part of the Gulf of Mexico, particularly if you are interested in Big Reds, and King Mackerels. Fishing guides and local fishing reports can provide abundant reports of what’s biting based on your preferred days to fish in the Florida Panhandle area.


South Florida Deep Sea Fishing

Whether you’re fishing in Santa Rosa Beach, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Dania Beach, Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale, Homestead, Pompano Beach, Rivera Beach, or elsewhere in South Florida and regardless of whether you choose a four-hour, six hour, or full day of deep sea fishing, South Florida anglers interested in fishing for:image2

  • Wahoo,
  • Tuna,
  • Yellowtail,
  • Sailfish,
  • Tarpon,
  • Cobia,
  • Amberjack,
  • Or Grouper

give this area great reviews.  

With hundreds of species and so much coastline, we could write an encyclopedia detailing fishing in South Florida, the Florida Keys, and the Panhandle. You just might want to organize more than one trip to compare a few areas, which probably won’t be a hardship if you love fishing and the excitement that comes with deep sea fishing.


Florida Fishing: Many Great Spots for Newbies and Seasoned Anglers

Whether you have fished in Florida before and whether your fishing experience includes deep sea fishing or not, there are amazing resources to help you get the most of your time out on the water, whether you aim to catch a lot or just want to enjoy time out on the water. (We know, you’d really prefer it if you catch a lot of big fish!)

The duration of a charter will, in part, determine how many great fishing locations you get a chance to explore on a given day once you leave your departing city.

Deep sea fishing is a whole different ballgame from fishing on a lake or river, whether from shore or in a small fishing boat.  Checking reviews for specific areas, taking advantage of information provided by experienced fishing guides, and by making your main priority having fun, you won’t leave whichever Florida fishing location you choose disappointed. It’s just about impossible to have a bad day when you spend it deep sea fishing in Florida.


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