Welcome to the first and only place to book individual spots on fishing charters at your favorite fishing spots worldwide. With pay-per-spot pricing, you now have the option to book only the number of spots you need, not the entire boat. The other open spots can be booked and shared with others, lowering your price. There's no longer any need to worry about haggling at the dock, not knowing which boat you will be fishing on, or risking no availability. Learn more below on how to best plan, book, and save on your next perfect trip at rates up to 75% off.

Introducing Shared Pricing

Now that you found the perfect trip, saving money is simple. Each fishing charter is divided into individual spots which you can purchase directly online. The price listed under each spot is the amount that EVERYONE pays, which means as more people book, your ticket price will drop!

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Starting vs. Joining a Trip

You found the perfect trip, now it's time to book.

Starting a Trip

Shared charters require 2 anglers to fish. The first spot is FREE to reserve, and there is no commitment to pay and go fishing unless another angler shares the cost with you.

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Joining a Share

Once TWO spots are booked, the charter is confirmed to go fishing. Once a second angler books, both anglers pay a small deposit. From this point on, every additional angler that books will lower the ticket price for everyone on board! Your final ticket price will be based on how many people share the cost of the trip with you.

Understanding How to Book

Whether you are starting or joining a shared charter, booking is the same simple process.

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Find Other Anglers

Connect with others looking to fish with you.

Visit Our Share Forum

Post in the share forum and form a group to fish with. (Requires a free account to post).

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Share Trip Details with other Anglers

Share any trip on social media, or email a friend to come fish with you.

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